About Me

What does one say when describing themselves without sounding arrogant or underwhelming?

This blog is a compilation of my life and the crazy, emotional, fun, scary, exciting, overwhelming, exhausting, motivating, and happy journey of my life. From moving from New Jersey to Florida to California or traveling from one country to another or using my educational background on daily tasks, this lifestyle blog will cover a lot! I aim at living a healthy lifestyle and realize that physical weight is not the only thing that matters when someone is being healthy. I want to share with my family and friends, because you are not just “followers,” how I strive to be an overall healthier version of me in hopes my trials and tribulations may help you too.

Currently, I am finishing my doctorate in public health, with a background in public health and science, so I will incorporate some research into my posts -they are not just arbitrary rantings! So don’t be surprised if you see some references at the end of a post. I also have dabbled in alternative health methods and will report back on my research and trials.

The best part of it all is that I get to share this journey with you all. Some of my tips and tricks and challenges may not work for you while others may. This blog will work at being collaborative and inclusive so feedback, comments, dialogue -it is all welcome! Again, I feel that this is a community to share and converse and is open and welcoming. You are not followers or subscribers – you are a part of the family!

I am beyond grateful for each comment, each request to get my posts regularly, like, and offline feedback. Each makes this all worthwhile.

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