Waist trainers – Worthwhile or a waste?

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We have been hearing about these devices for the past few months, even years, like it is a new concept and has miraculous results. So…even though the Kardashians, and other actresses, swear by it, is a waist trainer worthwhile or just a waste?

For those of you that are not 100% sure what a waist trainer is, please just take 2 minutes, go to Google.com and search the term. I’ll wait. Got it? Okay, so now that we are on the same page to what this is I will confirm your first suspicion -yes, it looks like a torture device and yes, this is exactly what you remember Shakespearean actors being tied up in back in the day.

So that leads to me next point – these waist trainers are essentially corsets and bustiers that are on steroids. The concept of these waist trainers are exactly what their predecessors were made for -cinch the waist, enhance the cleavage, and make the woman appear like an anatomical fluke. The waist trainers of today claim that by wearing these for extended period of time, your body will actually morph -not through any exercise, diet, or surgery but only by wearing this contraption, into an hourglass shape that will be permanent.

So…this post is to scour the research and confirm if any of these claims are true or if these devices are just fads.

Waist trainers are meant to only be worn for a couple of hours a day and not during vigorous exercise. Why? Physicians and health care professionals are going on blast stating that cinching your waist beyond healthy parameters is actually putting pressure on organs which can cause long term damage. Dr. Caroline Apovian, of Boston University School of Medicine, reported to Health.com that “there’s no evidence” that these devices even do anything once you take off the super tight bandage. Additionally, these are hazardous to your health as it causes discomfort when it is too tight which can disrupt breathing or lead to heartburn if the stomach is pushed up beyond the diaphragm (MacMillan, 2015). Less severe that putting pressure on the rib cage, lungs, stomach, and diaphragm would be the damage that these kind of devices cause to your skin. Think of it like this – if you were to wrap your stomach with an bandage to enhance sweating and drop a couple of inches of water weight repeatedly, your skin would suffer and eventually cause a rash, acne, or other irritations that could get infected. Lastly, these trainers are meant to cinch the waist and give an hourglass figure but if you workout in these, real trainers and health care providers have stated that the core is actually weakened as it is not used properly which can also damage the spine (MacMillian, 2015; Ross, 2015).

So…waist trainer… Does it give you a temporary new figure? Yep. Should you wear it if you need that extra boost of confidence for a photo shoot or even a special occasion? Perhaps. However, wearing these long term can cause a lot of irritation and problematic health conditions. So is it really worth the look or should you invest a little extra time at the gym? In my opinion, this is a fad that needs to be put to rest. Our ancestors from the 1500s were not fans and neither am I. Cut the latex and spandex for a little more effort.

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