Month: June 2016

Online Health Food Markets – What Saves You More

With summer quickly approaching -and by summer I mean actual beach weather, people are dieting like crazy to be swimsuit ready. These diets tend to consist of healthier food options but the problem is how that all affects the wallet! Even if you go to your local grocery store, you rarely see a sale on fresh produce but you will almost always see a sale and half down the chips and soda aisle.

So what options do we have when we need to eat healthier AND manage our crazy schedules? I have scouted 2 online retailers to compare their prices on a few items and see which one came out on top. The 2 online retailers are Thrive Market and Amazon. Ready?

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo – 12 oz jar
Thrive Market – $7.45
Amazon – $14.28

Calbee Non-GMO Lightly Salted Snapea Crisps Snacks
Thrive Market – $1.45 (3.3 oz bag)
Amazon – $17.99 (6 x 3.3 oz = $2.99/bag)

Mavuno Harvest Organic Dried Jackfruit
Thrive Market – $6.95 (6 oz bag)
Amazon – $26.45 (6 x 2.0 oz = $13.23/bag)

Lundberg Farms Rice Chips – Fiesta Lime
Thrive Market – $2.45 (6 oz bag)
Amazon – $26.62 (24 x 1.5 oz = ~$4.44/bag)

Thrive Market – $8.95 (17.6 oz package)
Amazon – $15.95 (17.6 oz package)

Thrive Market – $2.25 (6 oz box)
Amazon – $36.34 (12 x 6 oz = ~$3.03/box)

Now keep in mind that Amazon’s prices do change frequently AND they offer 2-day shipping to Prime members so that is important to keep in mind. Also, Amazon is well known for their price-matching should the item you bought change in price within a couple of days.

Additionally, and this is key, Thrive Market does require a membership similar to Sam’s Club, BJ’s or Costco which needs to be paid annually. Also, your order has to be over $49 to qualify for free shipping so buying items one at a time is not cost effective. Lastly, Thrive Market DOES offer a free 30-day trial period and a free grocery item (mine was a jar of coconut oil).

End result? Thrive Market is the clear winner. I have purchased items from them previously and have been very happy with their selection, delivery, and packaging. One item I bought was in a glass jar so it was wrapped with bubble wrap, saran wrap, paper filling, and carefully sorted among the other items so it wouldn’t crack. This key to detail far surpasses other online retailers I have worked with in the past.

Lastly, I wanted to note that this is NOT a sponsored post and I am not in any way affiliated with Thrive Market other than having been a customer on my own journey to healthier food selections.


Sometimes you just need to smile

As you all know, my blog is not just about beauty products or hair care (though I’m sure you are just awaiting the arrival of that satin pillowcase), but also life. So today’s post is about dental care and treatment.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my journey testing oil pulling and if there was any changes or developments with my teeth. Regrettably, that was an epic fail and actually caused more adverse effects than positive results. However this was just a brief detour from my oral health journey.

In March 2016, after getting a filling done and my impacted wisdom teeth pulled, I started Invisalign. Never having worn braces before (and not for a lack of needing it) and having only seen the 1 commercial with the teacher smiling like some robot and then going to her birthday dinner with the same shit faced smile, I did not know what to expect. How would two flimsy pieces of plastic fix my jacked up teeth, overbite, and bunching? Hesitant and pretty confident I just got swindled into paying a lot of money, I started my treatment. The process is certainly an uphill battle and caused a lot of pain, some blisters, and a few migraines, but I can now say that I am officially done and literally cried when I saw the results for myself.

Prior to Invisalign, I was able to take my entire thumb, sideways, and place it between my upper jaw and lower jaw when I closed my mouth…that’s how big my overbite was! Prior to Invisalign, my hygiene practices were subpar but now I floss daily, brush twice, gargle, and have whiter teeth than ever before. Prior to Invisalign, I would rarely be caught smiling with my teeth showing because I was so self conscious that I thought I never left elementary school and all my colleagues and peers still saw me as Bucktooth Daniela. Prior to Invisalign, I grinded my teeth to the point that TMJ issues are just the tip of the iceberg -no pun intended.

Now I am on my retainers and continuing the journey to fix what was wrong from my childhood days. Two crowns, a root canal, redone fillings, and customized retainers all mean that I am taking the time to take care of me and am reaping the rewards.

So you’re wondering what the heck is she talking about and why, right? Well, I know that there are a lot of people that are considering Invisalign but are hesitant because of the cost and are probably thinking similar thoughts as I did that there is no way those plastic toys will work. But I am telling you that they work AND force you to take better care of yourself than you ever did before. So start small and teach yourself that you do need to come first sometimes. And do not keep putting off what you know needs your attention today.

Curly Hair – Do’s & Don’ts


When you think of a beautiful woman, standing at the beach, staring into the sunset, and catching the ocean breeze billowing through her long tresses, what does that look like to you? For me, that is a caramel blonde with long, straight hair who looks photoshopped during the ocean breeze and photoshopped immediately after. For me, that is a straight up hysterical fantasy because these curls will never look like that effortless image.

So does that mean I hate my hair? Not at all! At least not anymore. I can’t say the same was believed by 5 or 13 year old me. But now I have been able to embrace my differences and one of them happens to be my hair. I have dark brown curls that tend to take on a personality completely of their own.

And this was after I cut off a bunch!

After decades of trying to tame my mane, I have decided it was time to embrace each curl, kink, wave, or whatever else my hair wants to do that day. So what do I do to keep myself from pulling a 2007 Britney Spears-esque style modification? I have developed multiple curly hair hacks that really work and really help keep my hair easy to maintain and looking effortless!

  1. Do not use cotton pillowcases or towels! Cotton is an abordbant material that wicks out the moisture that curly hair needs, especially the natural oils that your tips are already lacking.
    1. DO use satin/silk pillowcases and microfiber towels. Satin/silk pillowcases will allow your hair to maintain its moisture while also being slippery enough to reduce the number of late-night knotting. Microfiber towels will soak up the excess water while letting your hair keep its adequate level of moisture.
    2. Don’t have either and don’t want to shell out the cash just yet? I use a t-shirt when I travel that has the same priciple for my hair in that it does not tug, snag, or overdry my hair. I also have a satin sleeping cap that I got at the DOLLAR STORE which serves a simliar purpose to the pillowcase while keeping all of my hair out of my face and off my neck.
  2. Do NOT wash your hair every day. It’s been said before and I’ll say it again -everytime you use shampoo, you are stripping your hair of the pollutants, dust, product build-up, and other gunk but you are also stripping your hair of its natural oils which prevents frizz and maintains curl ringlets.
    1. DO wash your hair every 3 days or so. And try cowashing instead of your standard shampoo. Cowashing is a cleansing conditioner that cleans your hair withou the soapy suds so there is little to no moisture removal. You will need to detox your hair once a month with a solid cleansing shampoo that you’ll follow up with conditioner but the less you strip your hair, the healthier it becomes!
  3. Do NOT use a brush…ever. Brushing will go against your curl pattern and cause frizz and breakage.
    1. DO untangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb only. Better yet? Do it while you’re in the shower and your hair is still sopping wet rather than dry and prone to breakage. I have also used a detangling brush after a particularly intense hair styling session but try to limit the use overall.
  4. Do NOT dry your hair with a standard hair dryer. No, I’m not telling you to spend $500 on a “new” hair dryer with fancy lights and buttons. However using a standard dryer will localize the heat and over dry your hair which can lead to burning and breakage.
    1. DO use a diffuser as you do not want to target heat on any strand of your hair -the more you can spread the heat around the faster you can dry without overdrying. If you want some volume, diffuse your hair upside down!
  5. Do NOT skip the leave-in conditioner. Curly hair has this knack of twisting and turning which means the natural oils from your scalp don’t tend to make it to your tips which leads to frizz and anger.
    1. DO use products meant for your curl type and make sure you use the right amount to fill in the gaps that nature missed! Depending on how thick and tight your curl is, you will may use different products than your neighboring curly-haired friend but please take prudence on how much product you use. If the directions say dime-size for shoulder length hair and your hair goes a bit farther, try a quarter size at most; over-saturating your hair will leave it flat and oily.
  6. Do NOT to straight to bed without some maintence. After a long day, your hair is just as tired as you are and needs some particular TLC.
    1. DO develop a nighttime routine just as you do for your face. Using a good oil on the tips of your hair will seal the dry cuticles and prevent knotting and frizz. And yes, I said oil so you can go and buy Moroccan Oil or use that coconut oil that you have laying around somewhere.
  7. Do NOT neglect your monthly hair duties.
    1. Curly hair needs to be pampered. Once a month, after detoxing your hair, follow up with a good hair masque. I personally use olive oil, coconut oil, and honey and let that sit for a couple of hours, or overnight if your hair is particularly thirsty, and rinse. This masque will reinvigorate your hair while adding luster and controling that dandruff issue you don’t want to talk about.
  8. Do NOT forget to cut those locks once in a while.
    1. Once you found a salon that you like, and in order to do so, call around and make sure they have stylists that work with curly hair if the salon is not exclusively for curly hair, make an appointment every 3-6 months depending on your length. Now I will tell you that I finally found a salon by me that is AMAZING with curly hair and specializes in just that. It took me years to find a place that did not tell me “Oh wow. You have a lot of hair.” If your stylist ever says that and looks like a deer in headlights -RUN!
  9. Do NOT use standard hair ties.
    1. Standard hair ties will tug and break your hair. It may be a little 1980’s but if you are putting your hair up for a gym workout or a lazy-day do (gotta love a top bun), then add some extra conditioner and use a scrunchy or non-elastic tie. I personally use a lot of bobby pins to achieve my updo’s!

Let me know if you have tried any of these hair hacks & tips and if they worked for you! Got any more hacks or tips to share – c’mon curly-heads…lets share the wealth!