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As you all know, my blog is not just about beauty products or hair care (though I’m sure you are just awaiting the arrival of that satin pillowcase), but also life. So today’s post is about dental care and treatment.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my journey testing oil pulling and if there was any changes or developments with my teeth. Regrettably, that was an epic fail and actually caused more adverse effects than positive results. However this was just a brief detour from my oral health journey.

In March 2016, after getting a filling done and my impacted wisdom teeth pulled, I started Invisalign. Never having worn braces before (and not for a lack of needing it) and having only seen the 1 commercial with the teacher smiling like some robot and then going to her birthday dinner with the same shit faced smile, I did not know what to expect. How would two flimsy pieces of plastic fix my jacked up teeth, overbite, and bunching? Hesitant and pretty confident I just got swindled into paying a lot of money, I started my treatment. The process is certainly an uphill battle and caused a lot of pain, some blisters, and a few migraines, but I can now say that I am officially done and literally cried when I saw the results for myself.

Prior to Invisalign, I was able to take my entire thumb, sideways, and place it between my upper jaw and lower jaw when I closed my mouth…that’s how big my overbite was! Prior to Invisalign, my hygiene practices were subpar but now I floss daily, brush twice, gargle, and have whiter teeth than ever before. Prior to Invisalign, I would rarely be caught smiling with my teeth showing because I was so self conscious that I thought I never left elementary school and all my colleagues and peers still saw me as Bucktooth Daniela. Prior to Invisalign, I grinded my teeth to the point that TMJ issues are just the tip of the iceberg -no pun intended.

Now I am on my retainers and continuing the journey to fix what was wrong from my childhood days. Two crowns, a root canal, redone fillings, and customized retainers all mean that I am taking the time to take care of me and am reaping the rewards.

So you’re wondering what the heck is she talking about and why, right? Well, I know that there are a lot of people that are considering Invisalign but are hesitant because of the cost and are probably thinking similar thoughts as I did that there is no way those plastic toys will work. But I am telling you that they work AND force you to take better care of yourself than you ever did before. So start small and teach yourself that you do need to come first sometimes. And do not keep putting off what you know needs your attention today.

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