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I was that girl that always kept her nails short because of how brittle they would get. They would break at the corners so whether or not I wanted it, I ended up with coffin looking nails. They would also split like tissue paper! And this is also taking into consideration IF they would even grow… And nail polish. C’mon now…who are we kidding. That would last a day if I stood there with my hands up like I was waving at every passerby.

So just like the fad, I started to do gel manicures. And just like that I had nails for the first time, but there was going to be a catch. These manicures that are supposed to last for 3+ weeks would last 1 and some change. My nails, believe it or not, got even thinner. Then the polish would ultimately peel off like a bad 1990s polish for kids. What a waste of money that became so I had to stop the “pampering” and revive my even more brittle nails.

These were my go to steps and products which helped me build some strength back into my nails and ultimately got me to where I am today with long nails that are strong and healthy and yes, regularly manicured!

First the polish came off and I decided that I was not going to go for another manicure till my wedding day which gave me a solid 3 months. I took the polish off at home without acetone but a lot of patience. Step 1. The second step was to invest in a little polish I got from Sally’s to help fill in the ridges that the constantly filing left behind Then I decided to introduce cuticle oils into my life because I wanted a way to help my nail before they even grew out – so I started at the root! I would massage the oil in every night. I would then drench my hands and wrists with lotion to keep not just the cuticles moist but my hands moisturized as well.

So superficially I was already investing in some time to bring my nails back to life. But I needed to do more internally as well. Cue in the water and supplements. I started logging my water intake and realized I was super deficient. I was drinking only about 32oz a day when I should’ve been closer to 85 (you can calculate your ounce intake as well by taking your weight in pounds and dividing it by 2). I then introduced Hair, Skin, and Nails from Costco to help supplement my diet.

I also stopped and relaxed. Stress has so many negative side effects – well beyond any pharmaceutical on the market. Stress can cause weight gain, hair loss, acne, insomnia and so much more. So this is when I first started to dabble in meditation and yoga. I am not a yogi by any means and cannot tell you downward dog from crow or a sun salutation but I tried. I took time away from the PC and the phone and truly relaxed.

So fast forward a year and this is what my nails look like now after a fresh manicure:

The best part is that I have also found a type of manicure that not only is pigmented and lasts for 3 weeks. But also is loaded with vitamins and is done without any UV exposure. My salon, Venus Nails, calls it Healthy Nails but it is essentially a dip powder that is sealed with treatments of polishes. I had no idea this was a thing because I had only seen ads on FB or IG for this stuff you could do at home and I chalked it up to a fake ad! But alas it is real and every three weeks I go in and get a new application and color. The only downfall is how much it makes my nails grow so if I do a dark color like the one above, I have to get it fixed or you can see the growth!

So the next time you go in for a manicure, please ask for the dip powder polish and give it a try! You won’t be sorry!

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