Just like a tumbleweed, I keep bouncing along till I find my final resting place. From shore to shore, I have been blessed with the opportunity to call a few places home and am looking to finally plant some roots and flourish. When asked where I am from, I realize that no matter how far I travel, I will always be a Jersey girl by way of Florida – the farthest south you can go and still feel like you’re up north. When asked where I live, I laugh that the first instinct of every out-of-state person is to say “LA” and then sit there dumbfounded when I say something completely different.
One of my favorite ongoing jokes, and by joke I mean story of my life, is when someone tries to deduce what nationality I am or originate from. I have literally gotten every nationality and religion at some point in my life but only twice got the correct recipe -and once was from a distant relative. Lesson learned? Never judge a book by its cover is never more real than when you try to speak a different language under your breath and are surprised with a response.
So this is a story of that journey, some tips and tricks learned along the way, some suggestions, some success stories, probably some rantings, and an explanation to all that make adventure worthwhile.

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