About Me

Health. That word has so many different angles that it is hard to pinpoint just one definition.

This blog is all about the many sides of “health” and how they can be encompassed in real life. I aim to cover topics from financial health, physical health, mental health, and much more. I understand that for a person to be truly healthy, they need to look at all components because they are all linked. For example, if your finances are out of order, that causes stress, which can cause physical health complications!

  • Bachelors of Science – Biology
  • Masters of Public Health
    • Concentration: Disaster/Emergency Management
  • Masters of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior
    • Expected: January 2021
  • DrPH Candidate
    • Expected: March 2020

I have also been fortunate enough to live a crazy, emotional, fun, scary, exciting, overwhelming, exhausting, motivating, and happy life journey that has taught me so much on being healthy whether that meant going to a workout class or finding the in-season foods.

I have been honored to have lived in multiple locations and traveled to multiple countries; I have been opened to many different cultures, diets, remedies, and products!

Jersey Girl by birth

Floridian by chance

Californian by choice

The best part of it all is that I get to share this journey with you all. I want to share my world with you and hope that this will spark something for you that can improve our lives! This blog will work at being collaborative and inclusive so feedback, comments, dialogue -it is all welcome!

I am beyond grateful for all of you and taking the time to share your lives with me as well. Thank you and welcome.