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Curly Hair: Product Review

So there has been a couple of curly hair product lines that have been taking over the market these past few months – namely CurlSmith and Not Your Mother’s. Now, the latter of the two is a lot easier on the wallet and commonly has a sale at Ulta, Walgreens, Target or CVS (Buy One, Get One 50%).

And when Ulta had a sale and I had run out of shampoo, can you guess what I did??

Yep! I went shopping and wanted to try a few of the Not Your Mother’s (NYM) naturals line. These are all sulfate, silicone, and paraben free. And with their normal price point (around $8.99 USD) and the sale, I thought it was the prime time to shop online! Oh my…please forgive that rhyming – it was completely unintentional.

One of the lines that I wanted to try was the Activated Bamboo Charcoal & Purple Moonstone line. There are 3 products: the scalp scrub, the shampoo, and the conditioner all for $8.99 USD each. I wanted to try these because I have found that many of the other lines have been amazing for my hair (cue matcha green apple or blood orange), and I needed a little scalp TLC.

So this is what happened…

Let’s chat about just the scrub for a moment. This is a scrub that you use in the shower, once your hair is wet. It smells great and has gentle exfoliants made with natural jojoba wax beads which claim to detoxify and cleanse the scalp while absorbing impurities for a balanced PH. Sounds great, right? Well, I applied a fairly good amount in the shower and got to scrubbin’.
I could feel the wax beads and my scalp/hair felt clean – almost like it could breathe! The hair was a bit dry but I am not expecting my hair to feel moisturized with a scalp scrub…
So I rinsed it out well and moved on to the shampoo.

The shampoo smelled great and had a nice grey color to it – not mush grey but almost pearlescent. I used my shampoo brush and cleansed my scalp primarily since I never use shampoo on the length of my hair. My scalp and hair felt clean but dry. Again, I wasn’t expecting moisture from the shampoo so no concern there. I rinsed and applied the conditioner.

The conditioner is thick and smells great. But that is about all the nice things I can say. I had to apply a LOT of conditioner to the lengths of my hair and even after leaving it for 5 minutes+ with a shower cap, I could not detangle my hair at all. There was NO slip. I had to result to one of my Garnier 1-minute masks to get my hair moisturized enough to detangle.

I styled as normal and my hair turned out pretty good despite the conditioner debacle. The next day when I went to do my nightly scalp massage, I felt something in my hair and low and behold – the scrub never fully washed out or dissolved. The beads remained long after scrubbing, rinsing, shampooing, conditioning, conditioning again, rinsing, detangling, styling… THAT is concerning so to test if it was just me or not, I had my husband give the line a go too.

My husband has 3C/4A hair and keeps it relatively short (I have even been maintaining his length during quarantine). He tried all of the same products and had the EXACT same experience without being prompted. The beads form the scrub did not fully wash out. The shampoo worked great but the conditioner did not do much for his hair -although it was better than my experience.

In reviewing the ingredients, I realized there are alcohols in this line which helps with the cleaning but not with moisturizing.

So final decision? I will definitely use up what I have and will probably buy the shampoo again, but I will pair it with another conditioner since this did not work for me at all.

So inquiring minds want to know…What product do you use to scrub your scalp? Have you ever tried NYM products? If so, which one is your favorite?